Preparation is Key

As the cold weather hits, schools freeze over and the roads are too slippery for hacking, fitness can come to a halt for a lot of riders.  So I like to use this time wisely and go through the New Rule Book and my eventing checklist.  If you weren’t quite on target with cleaning everything perfectly and storing it at the end of the 2018 season you may find things need a good clean up, or you’ve simply run out of the likes of event grease or saddle soap!  Don’t leave it till the night before your first event to find your white numnah….well it’s no longer white!

I am a list writer there is no doubt about that.  Where ever I go….I have a list!  If I don’t pack while literally checking off the boxes, I will forget something.  And that something was once a hat! I learnt never to do that again!  So my Event checklist has been developed over the years to include everything I have need.  People often ask me what to take with, and have commented on how organised I am, so I’ve decided to share my list with you all to help you out.  Be sure to add in your own extras that I maybe haven’t mentioned so you don’t miss a thing!!

PASSPORTS! Make sure you travel with your horse’s passport, or you could face a hefty fine if you get stopped.

SOAKED HAYNETS! One of my horses only tends to drink after the cross country round, so I soak her net to keep her hydrated for the day.

PROTEXIN QUICK FIX! If I ever have a stressy horse, I don’t bother with calmers and rather go with a Quick Fix.  It helps to settle the tummy and in turn settles the horse.  It has always worked wonders for me!

BAILEYS AQUA-AIDE! A day before, during and after the event I will add Aqua-Aide to their water to help with the loss of salt.  It’s a great electrolyte and the horses love the taste of it!

SPARE ORANGE STRING! For those naughty ponies that like to snap free and make friends with everyone at the venue.

BLACK ELECTRICAL TAPE! Just in case your boot zip breaks, or your hat cover decides its going to blow off.  There are numerous things that electrical tape can quickly fix, and the black colour helps it to blend in.

ESS EQUIPMENT BAGS! So handy for keeping everything clean and tidy, and makes transporting so much easier.  I’ve just ordered mine and can’t wait for them to arrive!

MEDICAL ARMBAND + OVERGIRTH! These are 2 things that were compulsory for eventing in South Africa and I’ve just adopted it.  I think it’s great to have the information there for the medics if you do fall off, and the overgirth just adds that extra level of protection!

Now is also a great time to check that the safety standard of your Hat and Body Protector are up to date, give you tack a good clean, reorganise your kit into boxes/bags and generally just get yourself excited and ready for the season!

Happy prepping!


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